5 things to do while discovering Paleokastritsa - Corfu Island

It is all set, you have just booked your dream destination - in the heart of the Peloponnese - the island of Corfu, and it has a lot to offer.

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It is all set, you have just booked your dream destination - in the heart of the Peloponnese - the island of Corfu, and it has a lot to offer.  

Located in the Ionian Sea, Corfu is an ideal destination for couples looking for a romantic vacation, families, or young adults who want to have fun in Greece. Whether you prefer the sea or the mountain, there are many things to do on this island.

The Paleokastritsa region is one of the most beautiful places on Corfu Island. The town of Paleokastritsa is one of those places that have attracted thousands of tourists in recent years, thanks to its natural beauty and geographical location, it has become a popular destination for those who want to relax and enjoy quality time on the beach. The town spreads along several kilometers of coast line, surrounded by high cliffs and sandy beaches, that attract many visitors during summer days.

It is very well known for its beaches and amazing coastline together with one of the most famous Paleokastritsa Monastery, Alipa port, and has some amazing restaurants, serving delicious Greek food and local delicacies. So, here are five things to do in this beautiful region:

1. Delicious Paleokastritsa:

While travelling to Corfu, it is an absolute must to discover its traditional cuisine! The food in Paleokastritsa reflects its beautiful surroundings. The area is known for its seafood, but also has a range of diverse and very tasty food, so if you're looking to spend some time savoring some of the local cuisines, you can enjoy dishes like loukanika (a Greek sausage made from pork meat), pastitsada (beef stew), papero frito (fried chicken with potatoes), or even simple, fresh Greek salad made with local ingredients. The best restaurants in Paleokastritsa are laid back and serve delicious food in comfortable surroundings where you make friends with other guests as well as your hosts.

2. Paleokastrista Monastery:

Paleokastritsa is one of the most beautiful villages in Greece. It is a small village with no more than 250 inhabitants, and it has been spared from mass tourism. The road leading to this village, which starts from Stavros, passes through splendid scenery and you can stop along the way at the monastery of Paleokastritsa, which was built in the 14th century and preserves many interesting frescoes and mosaics together with gigantic whale bones and sea shelves. It is situated on top of a rock overlooking the entire area. The Monastery has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. Don't hesitate to go inside to enjoy the garden and magnificent sea views.

3. Paleokastritsa beach:

Looking for a beach in Corfu? Well, look no further than Paleokastritsa beach. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu. It is situated on the west coast and stretches for 2 km, offering sandy shores, crystal clear waters, and a wide range of accommodation options. Paleokastritsa is the least commercialized area of Corfu, where you can pleasantly spend your holiday, surrounded by beautiful nature, delicious food, and numerous water sports activities.

4. Alipa port:

Alipa Bay is a beautiful part of Corfu that offers peace and serenity, yet also has plenty to offer when it comes to water sports. If you love this type of activity or always wanted to give it a try, then Alipa marina is the perfect place for you. It's just fifteen minutes’ drive from Corfu town and has all the facilities to make your holiday unforgettable. It also has special activities like movie nights, pop-up cantina, and “local market” days. (You can check the schedule on our site). This place is a true getaway – you will enjoy authentic Corfiot nature, combined with artistic installations, traditional food, live music shows and will for sure meet new friends.

5. Boat trip:

If you like adventure, then the best thing to do in Paleokastritsa is to go on a boat.

If you would like to book a boat for your trip in Corfu, we can help you find the right one. We have boats suited for family vacations, romantic getaways and boat rentals suitable for different kinds of events. You can rent one and go sailing through the caves and waters. Do you know how to navigate the boat? You can rent it and become your captain, but if not, don't worry, our captains will guide you through the most beautiful rocky Paleokastritsa coast. The coastline of Paleokastritsa is unique because, even within a small range of space, you can observe numerous geological phenomena that are interesting to all geologists. The most impressive and beautiful of them, is the Paleokastritsa Navigational Canal, which connects with the sea in the coast of Corfu. In addition to its rich biological diversity, it impresses visitors with its beautiful and intact landscape. You can easily check all the options on our site (alipa.gr) and book your boat trip in advance.


While travelling to Corfu, we advise you to dive into its local flavor by tasting Corfiot cuisine (Greek salad is a must, tzatziki – yogurt with garlic and cucumber – normally used as a starter, moussaka, souvlaki, grilled calamary and octopus – there is no end to this delicious Mediterranean menu). As mentioned above, you can start discovering the region of Paleokastritsa by Paleokastritsa Monastery, which was built in the 14th century, after you can enjoy your day at Paleokstritsa beach, swimming into refreshing water ( it is known that the water in Paleokastritsa is slightly colder then in other parts of Corfu). If you also like fine art, or you want to see a movie under the stars, or enjoy local market – try Alipa Port. In Alipa.gr you can find schedule of the upcoming events and book tickets. The last but not least, book your boat trip. Starting from Alipa Port you will discover hidden beauty of Corfu Island, its grottos and sea creatures.

We wish you a pleasant stay!  

Enjoy your summer in Corfu!


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