The best beaches in Corfu you should NOT miss

Corfu's beaches offer a bounty of sun and sand, water, and olive trees

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Corfu's beaches offer a bounty of sun and sand, water, and olive trees. There are several beautiful stretches of sand on Corfu, each with its own distinct beauty. Here we will list the best Corfu beaches to visit.

Canal D'Amour:

Canal d'amour is one of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu. It is a perfect place for families, who come to enjoy the wonderful view, beautiful nature, and clean waters. It stretches for about two kilometers along the coast, with golden sand beaches and crystal-clear waters.

It has been awarded blue flag status by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). It is remarkable because of its sandstone rocks which form a fjord-like passage. It also has a beautiful legend. They say that couples who swim all the length will stay in love forever, but we also think that if you through a coin - it might also work.

Porto Timoni beach:

Porto Timoni is a beautiful beach located in the south of Corfu Island. The beach features blue waters and white sand, surrounded by pine trees. Located about 15 minutes from the town of Faliraki, Porto Timoni is well known for its breathtaking viewpoints and double beach on both sides of an isthmus.

Perfect place to spend your summer afternoon enjoying the warm sea and gentle sand, you can also plan a picnic and make it your romantic destination.

La Grotta beach:

La Grotta beach is the perfect place for couples or groups of friends. This place is a combination of nice music, tasty cocktails, and sunbathing. It's located between two ancient rock formations, on a tiny, but beautiful stretch of beach.

If you go there, don't miss La Grotta Bar, which is open all day, offering a breathtaking view, you can also grab a cocktail, rent a sunbed and enjoy an absolute blast. In the evening the place transforms and the DJ plays some really funky and easy-going music - perfect conditions to enjoy a lively environment.

Arrilas beach:

Arrilas beach stretches for about 2 km offering perfect spot for families with children. Plenty of sunbeds and paddleboards and canoes. Free parking along the promenade and plenty of restaurants along the coast.

The area is surrounded by olive trees and forests. This pebbly beach has an unspoiled turquoise sea and shallow waters making it perfect for scuba divers as well. If you are searching for a very relaxing time-spending, we definitely recommend this spot.

Kalami beach:

Kalami beach is a beautiful and bustling place that is perfect for both: tourists and locals. Kalami is located 2km from Yialos and offers a stunning view of the incredible coastline. It has a wide range of facilities, accommodations, as well as food options available to its visitors.

With breathtaking views, this beach is one of the most popular Corfu beaches, loved by locals and tourists alike. Here you'll find great amenities such as restaurants, bars and cafes, outdoor pools, and more!

Acharavi beach:

Acharavi, in Corfu, is a beautiful beach with exceptional views and easy access to the town of Acharavi. It is a much-loved destination for visitors looking to relax and unwind, as well as locals who enjoy spending their free time in one of the friendliest corners of Greece.

It is located north of the main town, in the picturesque area of Achávri. Here you can find a variety of activities, such as diving, windsurfing, and water sports.

Loggas beach:

Located on the northwest corner of the island after the beautiful village of Peroulades, it has one of the most breathtaking views you will enjoy during your holiday. The northern end of Corfu is best known for its beaches but also has some glorious mountains as well.

Loggas beach is one of the most popular beaches for tourists on this beautiful island, and it's because of its beautiful white sand, crystal blue water, and calm waters that make it such a popular destination. This beach is nestled underneath big vertical cliffs covered with flowers and plants on the top and faces the Ionian Sea.

Dassia beach:

The dassia beach (simply called Dassia) is located in Corfu, and it has many beautiful pebbles and clean water. The beach is perfect for swimming. For those who love diving, you can find many good spots around the area that will allow you to dive into the clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

Located on the harbor at Dassia beach, there is a resort that has rooms that overlook the crystal clear sea. The white sandy beach is just steps away and is ideal for cooling off after a long day's exploring.  

Mon Repos beach:

Mon Repos beach is very particular, some people love it, some find it quite small, but, we consider it's worth seeing. It is located within the park of Mon Repos, a 258 acres large area full of exotic long-lived plants.

The mansion was built in 1831 for the British Commissioner Adams, or more specifically for his Corfiot wife, as a summer residence. Entering Mon Repos, you enter a portal to a different time and space. You can enjoy walking in the park till you spot a small accurate beach. You'll have an impression of swimming in another era. We advise you to give it a try.

Paleokastritsa beach:

Paleokastritsa beach is one of the most picturesque and beautiful beaches in Corfu. Located less than 4 miles from the town of Paleokastritsa, it's also within walking distance of several restaurants and shops.

You can also visit Alipa Port, take a bite in the pop-up restaurant "Cantina" and rent a boat to enjoy the enchanting sites and beautiful beaches created by nature, before heading back to your accommodation to relax, eat and sleep in style.


Depending on your preferences, you will for sure find your perfect place. Check in advance the map, make your route, and create your own adventure. Relax on the beach of Arrilas, enjoy your cocktail in La Grotta, discover breathtaking Canal d'Amour, dive into Corfiot history in Mon Repos, or rent a boat in Paleokastritsa (check our selection of boats and make a booking in advance).


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